Priceless Farms is a Ugandan company, which demonstrates sustainable human habitats while providing a holistic education in Sustainability Design and Food Forestry. The company produces a variety of sustainable Organic Products for local and foreign markets, and strives to expand through a self replicating model, via it's unique employee investment strategies.

18th Aug 2016

Love on Land

Love on Land is a full service sustainable design and land based business development company. It represents a growing number of professional project managers and consultants whose services can be...

18th Aug 2016

Genterra Health Sciences

Healthy by Nature. GTHS is a Super Foods product development company dedicated to creating the best possible products from organic raw materials for a healthy lifestyle.

18th Aug 2016

Lift the Children Intl.

Sister to its Canadian counterpart ‘LIFT’ International Uganda aims to develop the region’s largest Sustainable Living Academy providing students with a holistic range of skills in Arts and Sciences which...

16th Aug 2016

Malaika Honey

Malaika Honey has over 10 years experience in developing Uganda’s honey production capacity as a social business model. Their passion and dedication to encouraging the country’s uptake of ethical bee...