Management Team

chloes 4th 186Joe Goodwin – Farm Investor / Co-Founder

Joe Goodwin has lived for over 37 years in Africa. His life has taken him around to over 100 countries and he has an extensive history in the large scale catering industry. His interest in providing a foundation for his young daughter Chloe Goodwin, and leaving the world in a better state than he found it has encouraged him to make a sizable investment in founding Priceless Farms. Joe is a warm-hearted intellectual with an endless love for food, people, and life. His knowledge and wisdom gained from his many years of operating large scale business in Africa make him a strong counsel for the companies development.



IMGP0574Aaron Elton – Farm Director / Co- Founder

Aaron Elton has spent over 11 years in Uganda working out the detailed plans and strategies which are now manifest as the Priceless Farms model. His understanding of the real life situation many rural Africans are facing, along with his in depth knowledge and passion for Permaculture Design science make him a visionary leader for the company carving out its first mother farm in a very remote location. Mapping out every finite detail from site design to workflow patterns, his years of experience as a trainer and teacher add to his effective leadership style. Drawing from his staff and community their opinions and thoughts at every turn to ensure the best choices are made with regards to the success of the companies vision in real terms, he brings a ‘no BS’ attitude, often cutting down foolish and false ideologies and whimsical beliefs which threaten to undermine humanities safety and progress in the region. His unique approach to enhancing eco-systems by ensuring staff and community adapt their beliefs and behavior patterns or culture to enable prolific forest and crop productions has been termed ‘Love on Land’, and now stands as the ‘modus operandi’ for all Farm operations.


_20160822_085702Hanif Rehemttula – Co- Founder / Marketing

Hanif is a businessman with a wealth of knowledge and accomplishments in the restaurant industry in Uganda. His Award winning business and imports and distributions capacities make him a powerful asset to Priceless Farms as we begin producing more products for local and foreign markets. His knowledge and skills in business administration and legal and financial strategies also add to the companies effectiveness as a Ugandan company. With a rich family history in East Africa, and a Canadian citizenship and education, Hanif’s passion for lifestyle, fine foods, and friendship all hold great value to the ongoing development of the companies culture. Both he and Joe look forward to producing tantalizing plates for our guests when our kitchens are fully operational.



Jon Hopkins – Assistant Director / Treasurer

Jon Hopkins is an avid humanitarian with experience in transport logistics and strategic planning. His skills, talents, and can do attitude add to the Priceless Farms team a level of professionalism and discipline that fuse into the companies daily workflow patterns. His desires to develop Priceless Farms and dedication to creating a healthy working environment for all staff members makes him an ideal upper management team member for this budding new company.

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