jobsPriceless Farms is a company dedicated to developing robust organic agricultural landscapes which harness the power of forestry, crop productions, animal husbandry, aquatic systems, and the unlimited potential of humanity to create high value organic foods fuels and fibers, sustainably.

The company utilizes permaculture design principles to ensure that each respective system is interconnected to all the others on the farm to create rich tapestry of working, living, and studying spaces in its drive towards large scale expansion.

Our employees are able to enjoy a healthy and fun work environment, trading tasks and learning a dynamic range of skills to cover the work requirements for taking care of the farms various organic systems. Our goals for expansion are rooted in the belief that any farm employee can become a new small farm manager (5 – 20 acres) after 3 years of working on a Mother farm, where the skills acquired through practical hands on experience, and the money saved from ethical wages and crop share agreements, can enable thousands of new farms to manifest in our companies later years.

This expanding sister farm network is the ultimate goal of Priceless Farms, as our methods improve landscapes with sustainable forestry, setting up soil building cycles, for our farms to have truly ‘unlimited’ potential to produce the worlds best quality organic produce and products for African, and Global markets. We believe this system, is the best way forward for Rural Africa, and look forward to working with any and all who would seek out a positive and sustainable Agriculture base for African nations.

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