IMG_20160429_142632The Priceless Farms Business Model has 3 layers of staffing under the Admin Team: Core Team, Shamba, and Auxilliary.


Our Core Team consists of university educated adults who are actively seeking to advance their careers in Agriculture.

Our Shamba Staff hold lease agreements based on specific practices, and targets 2 acre parcels of land and work 50% on their own site and 50% on the larger farm operations under the guidance of the Core Team.

Auxiliary Staff are part-time or on call workers who live in the local vicinity and are seeking additional income from labor work such as planting trees, nursery production, picking crops, fencing, building huts, and various other group tasks. These staff are also considered prime candidates for our ‘Out-Growers’ network which will enable the production of valuable goods off the mother farm within their respective lands. Chillies, Moringa Seeds, Goats, Pigs, and Eggs are all such products we will be training and assisting participants with producing and selling.

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